Wet in wet watercolour (Class drawing and learning Uncategorised)


We spent a couple of weeks working with watercolour. In the previous week we had looked into the spring and the lightness and colourfulness of this. So to keep some continuity we stayed with watercolour and this time looked specifically at wet in wet.

This technique is as it sounds. First you wet the paper first and then add your watercolour paint at different stages of drying and using different concentrations of paint to achieve flowing and surprising results.

To begin with we looked at flowers and later we allowed this to become more abstract, i.e. just allowing the paint to flow, creating pattern or form.


The first gallery is obviously more formal whereas the second grouping is looser and more intuitive.

IMG_9843_1 IMG_9842_1 IMG_9841_1 IMG_9839_1 IMG_9840_1 IMG_9816 IMG_9781


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