Staithes Residential (Residentials)


Last September I ran a trip to Staithes. This year I have booked the same venue for the Fri 12, Sat 13th and Sunday 14th of September. This coincides with the Staithes Art Festival so you could just stay and get inspiration from the other artists. It is an arty weekend aimed at people who would like to draw /paint outdoors. It is not a teaching weekend but I am willing to give some advice over the weekend and offer some evaluation too.

The accommodation is a cottage for 10 people. It is comfier than the barn in the dales. There will be some sharing though and this will be sorted by gender.


The cost to stay in the cottage with breakfast and lunch is £110 pp. for the 3 nights. I cannot make it cheaper for 2 nights as I will not be able to manage a shift system. If you would like to camp it would be £40 for the weekend and you can eat breakfast and lunch in the cottage. This would leave us to get a meal out, maybe pub or local fish n chips on Fri and Sat night. I can look into these meals at a later date or even offer a catering thing. The site owners seem flexible and there is a room overlooking the sea that is used as a recreation room for the schools that we can use if the weather is poor. Let me know if you can do this asap and I will book you a place. I will try to pair people up with people they know as best as possible.

The cottage has cooking facilities a large kitchen, dining room, large comfy lounge and large conservatory room. All accommodation has linen provided.

The trip was very popular and a great success. To book or for further information call Phil Reynolds on 01904655091 07745238626 or e-mail

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