Staithes drawing and painting residential 2017 (Residentials)



I have booked accommodation at Staithes for the weekend starting Friday 15th September. It is an arty weekend aimed at people who would like to draw /paint outdoors. It is also good for making connections and sharing your artistic side with like minded souls. It is not a teaching weekend but I am more than happy to give some input over the weekend.

The accommodation is a cottage for 10 people. There are also a couple of en-suite rooms too which will sell out fast. The price for these is £50 p/p per night. This still includes your breakfast and lunches and full use of the cottage facility.


The cost to stay in the cottage with breakfast and lunch is £110 pp for  the 3 nights. I cannot make it cheaper for 2 nights as I will not be able to manage a shift system. The bedrooms are mainly twin with two shared bathrooms.

I have previously  booked a group meal at a restaurant for the Saturday night but can discuss this at a later date.

The site owners are flexible and there is usually a room available that is used as a recreation room for the schools that we can use if the weather is poor. Let me know if you can do this asap and I will book you a place. I will try to pair people up with people they know as best as possible.

The cottage has cooking facilities a large kitchen, dining room, large comfy lounge and large conservatory room. All accommodation has linen provided.

The trips have been very popular and a great success. To book or for further information contact me through the page on the website. For more photos folow the link.


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