Spring is here (Class drawing and learning)


To celebrate the onset of spring the class are doing two weeks working with spring flowers. This was mainly daffodils and some primroses. As with the dried flowers I encouraged class members to use watercolour and a drawing medium of their choice.

This project takes me back to my pre foundation course where we were asked to draw a daffodil at A1 just using pencil and a cross hatch technique. This is using a series of short straight lines to produce darker and lighter tones.


This was done over quite a few days until the daffodil began to wilt.

The class work is on much smaller scale and were done in less than two hours.

IMG_9710 IMG_9709 IMG_9708 IMG_9707_1 IMG_9718 IMG_9711

These studies are the first week of two on this project and the second week develops from this weeks work. Some people are simply continuing their work to a more finished look whilst others have gone more abstract with their work.

Here Charlotte is looking at the trumpet shape and developing pattern.


I will post the second weeks when they are done.

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