Print day with Paddy (Phil's work)

Yesterday the 18th Oct I spent the whole day with Paddy in his studio. We arrived at 11 ish after being re-routed due to roadworks and slightly delayed wake up time from Paddy.
The day starts by stoking up the log burner which is a great source of pleasure and pride for the big boy. If anything were given the most attention it was the burner. How it gives heat ambience a sense of purpose and the story of construction using a safe from B&Q to the tweaks on the baffle using a variety of metal objects of differing widths.
All this fuelled the printmaking process which took a bit of getting my head round again. it has been 5 years or more since doing this.
I printed furiously and badly while Paddy framed up some small prints and listened to music and interviews with Larry Poons, Howard Hodgkin and Francis Bacon. All very inspiring though jazz can annoy me quite quickly.
As me and paddy are showing together in February 2012 we are using these sessions as a springboard for then and both liked Poons refer to paintings in terms of light and how you cannot remember light so much but can somehow record its essence with paint or abstract painting. That’s how I read what he said. We both thought that the notion of light should be an important contextual element for the Feb.
Paddy stoking up the log burner show

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