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In March I ran an all day portraiture workshop from Fulford School. This was aimed at all levels of ability and offered the chance to paint a portrait in monochrome in acrylic paint.

We began with some quick drawings to find proportion and composition on the page.

When people were happy with this we had a good 4 hours to paint the portrait.

As you can see there is some strong work and it was a hard working and rewarding day. Jacquie our model said it was quite exhausting just sitting still for around 5 hours.

I plan to do another one before the year is out.


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  • Carol Lois Haywood

    April 27, 2015 , 6:06 pm

    Curious about the model's exhaustion. Is it not the local custom for the model to take a break every 20 minutes? Who wants to paint an exhausted face? Friendly questions based on my curiosity. You must be an excellent instructor from the posted examples.
    • philreynoldsfineart

      April 27, 2015 , 6:29 pm

      Hi Carol. The model did have regular breaks and she was happy with that but good to point out. The model was so surprised at how tired she was. Thanks for your comment Re teaching ability. I was very impressed with the standard.
      • Carol Lois Haywood

        April 27, 2015 , 6:34 pm

        You should be proud. I think all portrait students should have the experience of posing once. I found it utterly depleting myself when I did. So glad to hear how it really was. Some models I have met seem to find a way to meditate so that they keep their look fresh all way through. Of course the students get tired too, and that can come through their work unexpectedly! Look forward to watching your blog posts.--Carol