Pair of works on gesso panel (Phil's work)

I got into a hole with the first one which was shown at an earlier stage in a previous post. When this happens I seek the pleasure of the light ethereal work that gives me the drama and excitement I need. I do see them as a pair, probably because they  are on the same gesso panel and they are being worked on at the same time though they bare little resemblance to each other and do not feel themed.

The first one is leaning towards a city scape and has a kind of venetian colour range. The second speaks of light and landscape.


Both are predominantly acrylic mixed with drawing media  (pencils, charcoal)

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  • KatiesCameraBlog

    November 24, 2011 , 8:36 pm

    I like both of these, and my favorite is the second one. My mind just wants to enter the world that the painting represents. It just seems so wonderful.