Nunnington Galleries

I have recently been taken on by Nunnington Galleries. They are a team of strong Northern Landscape artists including Patrick Smith and Steve Williams, photographer Lucy Saggers as well as conservationist and ornathological artist Jonathan Pomroy and high class jeweller Louise Dwyer.

As well as a series of meet the artist weekends there are regular showings of my work in the Nunnington Barn Gallery , Worsley Arms Hovingham and Raithwaites estate.

As a way of getting people to revisit the gallery, Kevin and Jan Bradshaw the owners decided to run 3 weekends where people could meet the artists and ask about their inspirations, techniques and methodologies. By way of gazebos, easels and tables all the artists were able to show more of their work than is possible in the gallery itself and it also served as a covid safe environment in which to appreciate the artists work.

For me it was a very welcoming experience facilitated by both the gallerists and artists. They were all on hand with help setting up and making sure the work was displayed to it’s best and also supplying regular, quality coffee and even buttered scones from the local bakery. This welcoming spirit enabled a warm nurturing environment and when we were not talking to visitors we were exchanging ideas and keeping up moral when the weather threatened to spoil things.

Nunnington Galleries is different to most other set ups as it aims to nurture the talent of it’s artists. They have patience when sales are slow and they encourage the talent to flourish under an umbrella of faith, loyalty and patience. Yes we are sensitive souls and we do benefit from the support grounded in the belief in us as inspirational people and talented artists.

The Gallery is set in the most stunning scenery and although a little way of the beaten track it is worth more than the odd visit. The walks round about are staggering and you are high up so the car has done most of the climbing for the day.

A real buzz to be back exhibiting and sharing ideas

It has been a real boost in these tough days and can’t wait for the next engagement.