Life Drawing Workshops (Workshops)


I have planned a series of four, 3 hour life drawing sessions in November and January. These will be fully tutored and demonstrated sessions aimed at people who would like to have some experience of this discipline or those who would like to improve their life drawing.

Life drawing workshops

We will be using large A1 sheets of paper and a good variety of techniques. We will be starting off with charcoal and using it very broadly to capture the essence of a pose.gestural figure drawing nude figure drawing painting abstract Here are a couple of examples from artwork found on the internet. Apologies if it is your work but maybe you will be flattered at using your studies as examples.
The first study is just using fluid marks to describe the flow of a body without particularly looking at detail. This is an excellent way to start looking at the figure because you are not getting bogged down with detail and enjoying the flow of your medium and your vision. The second of the two examples is obviously a more sophisticated drawing that is highly skilled and well observed. It involves a lot of learnt skills alongside a sense of flow. I am not expecting people to achieve this kind of finished product but rather leave it here as an idea.
Things can get too analytical when we draw in terms of size and proportion so these fluid exercises can allow you to enjoy the movement of charcoal across the surface of the paper.
As well as using broad strokes we will look at lines to express contour and edges. linearfig1
This example was possibly done without reference to the drawing surface i.e. simply looking at the model and following contours. This exercise tests your ability to resist looking at the paper so as to make a coherent picture. What can come out of this process is an expressive line and  a surprisingly different personality to your drawings.
Another form of contour drawing will look a little more analytically at the model. ldsconstruction lines
Here we see the body is being broken down into its more geometric elements. This technique helps you navigate the figure in a much more sculptural way. You see how the artist is almost looing through the figure , seeing blocks for knee caps and boulders for muscles. I emphasise that this is an aid for you to see the body in a different way and build a repertoire of expression that you may find helpful in any kind of drawing. I believe once you have mastered drawing the human figure then there will be nothing that phases you. We are so knowledgeable about the body and can see when there is an imbalance in representation so we cannot cut corners in making a compelling drawing. All these exercises are for learning and not for making masterpieces so enjoy the process and allow yourself treat them as throwaway. I will add to this blog as I develop the course and post some of the drawings from the workshops.
You can sign up for one or all four and still be able to slot in and get individual attention. The sessions will be held at Fulford Youth Centre at Fulford School, which is a lovely big, self contained venue that has a kitchen facility and its own toilets.

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