Life Drawing Workshop 2 (Workshops)


Last Saturday was the second of the four planned workshops. They are predominantly aimed at my class members to allow an opportunity to have a go at this age old discipline. They are fully tutored sessions and small enough for everyone to get some 1 to 1 attention.

This weeks format was similar to the previous week in timing of poses and predominant use of charcoal.

The first drawings were 5 minutes and our model created some great dynamic poses.

IMG_9303 IMG_9307 IMG_9299 IMG_9298 IMG_9296 IMG_9297

These images are again two drawings , the first of which is rubbed out using a soft cloth or kitchen paper. Next up I asked the group to think a little more about the interior of the figure and use some internal contouring to help describe form.

These were again short poses of around 6 or 7 minutes. This deadline of time really does concentrate you on the task.

IMG_9301 IMG_9304 IMG_9305IMG_9302

The next task was a 25 minute seated pose using grey paper with charcoal and chalk. We had used this technique for the long pose in the previous session.


IMG_9315 IMG_9313 IMG_9314 IMG_9316 IMG_9312 IMG_9311


I think you will agree that these are all very strong results from what was a swift and tricky seated pose. The lighting was reasonably dramatic and this really helps you to see the form of the model and pick out shadow and highlight.

Tea break now and this is an essential cooling down and reflecting period. Not too long though as you get to thinking again too much.

IMG_9310 IMG_9308

The last pose was nearly an hour and the brief was to use whatever media and techniques we had covered in the two sessions. Most people opted for the same as the previous piece though Jon decided to use pencil and the cream paper.

IMG_9328 IMG_9329 IMG_9326 IMG_9324 IMG_9323 IMG_9325

Again I was very pleased with the results. It is hard work and full of struggle so we finished off with a brief look at all the work together followed by a frantic fixing with hairspray. It is usually best to do this outside and in future we will as it was a bit overpowering.

IMG_9330 IMG_9331

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