Life drawing online (Class drawing and learning Classes Drawings)


I have run a couple of weeks of life drawing online for my class attendees and am now making it a weekly thing, every Friday 11am till 1pm. There are a lot of differences to doing it in the flesh so to speak but it is good that people have the opportunity to draw from a model in a disciplined way.

At present I am using some recorded sessions from you tube  .

They are from an established source and I take the poses I want to use, cut out any talking and music and extend the times if needed.

I also use some stills and grid them up for easier referencing.

The sessions are two hours long and that really does fly by. As with any life class we have quick warm up exercises. Last week we had 8 x one minute poses a 5 minute, 15 minute and finally 30 minutes.




Here are a few drawings from the previous two classes.


Everyone is welcome to this just contact me through the website an I can include you. It is £10 per session suggested donation and the first session is free so you can try without costing anything.






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