I did some writing and now it is lost. (Drawings Phil's work)

Still practising on you I am afraid. I want to find out how much writing I can do before the image and if I have a limit. what interests me about the blog is the mixture of text images and video etc that you can use as a story or journal.
I liked the idea of monumentally minimal. this mixes the ideas of scale and exaggeration if they are not the same thing at some points. Not sure what the opposite of this is. Grandiosely trivial?
Martin Creed would fit into the M.M. bracket (lights on lights off)
It is not a new idea but I would like to work this into my paintings. I have been trying to make more of the background, peripheral or framing space and treat it with more attention than the attention grabbing marks that stand forward. With works on paper you may argue the paper has been afforded more time than the work often does.

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