Glass and Liquids (Drawings)


On return from Xmas and New Year we started the year looking at liquids in glass. On the first week back we looked at a simple drawing subject of one glass and maybe a spoon inside. The idea was to begin with some comfortable media (pencil) and gently move through the gears over the next couple of weeks.

Here are some of week ones efforts.




The addition of a spoon gives drama and adds a different narrative. There was some lovely pencil work done in this first session back. I am trying to instill the notion of context with our drawings. It is common for us to draw objects and forget to look at the surroundings. Context (like the spoon) add to the story and sometimes can place things in time e.g. if there is an object in view it can often be very era specific (mobile phone, supermarket product etc).

In week 2 of the term we decided to add colour to drawing. I suggested watercolour or gouache. Below are some of the examples from this week.





Adding colour can be a tricky process and can easily ruin a drawing. This is why I encourage a little strategy and use of a practice piece of paper to work it through a little.

Next week we are looking to expand this idea with the title ‘Modern Still Life’ . This is open to interpretation. It could be the subject that you look at that is modern.

Or it can be the materials and use of them that is contemporary.

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