Colour mixing. Painting a squash (Uncategorised)


The past two weeks the class have been looking at mixing colours using the system illustrated in Michael Wilcox book Blue and Yellow do not make Green. We used a lovely squash that I got from Riverford Organic Farms to use as a subject. The squash was cut up to reveal it’s orange flesh which contrasted very nicely with the bluey green skin. We used acrylic paints after sketching it out in pencil. The first selection of work is done in one 2 hour session.

The point of this was that there is only a limited amount of mixing to do. Orange for this squash is fairly easy to mix using Cadmium Yellow and Cadmium Red. That said to get the subtle hues and tinted and darkened tones took a bit more learning. The main part of colour mixing is identifying the colour which is an interesting and sophisticated process. The next images show the progression of both John P and Ruth who decided to spend two weeks on theirs.

We had a couple of students doing things slightly differently. Deborah did a lime and banana and Margaret did a couple of mushrooms as they had done the squash the week previously. Phil left his squash drawn under my guidance. IMG_9370



Next week we are looking at less bright colours like the ones in Margaret’s painting. We may even do mushrooms if we get some for next week. IMG_9369

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