My entire social calendar revolves around my Thursday commitment to Phil’s art class.

As far as possible I arrange my trips around the country to make sure I’m in York on Thursday morning for my weekly dose of art centred enjoyment. Phil encourages us to push our work further each week and provides excellent materials and ideas for drawing or painting. The ambiance in Phil’s studio is relaxing and fun and no-one needs to feel uncomfortable with their pictures as Phil always finds something to praise as well as something to develop further. And of course there is the tea and biscuits!!

John Pugh

You don’t have to be a great artist to join Phil’s art classes just an interest in art and a keenness to try something new.  The classes are small and friendly with a good mix of people at various levels of competence.

The studio is a good environment and all equipment for the sessions is provided. There is a break for a coffee and biscuits and often a chat about an art related topic, all very informal.

Phil is an excellent tutor and is very encouraging to everyone.  We have a look at each others work at the end of the session, a little scary at first but over the weeks confidence builds.

If you are not sure if this is for you come and give it a go and judge for yourself, you will be made very welcome. 

Barbara Partridge

Phil’s art classes,  workshops and short-breaks are fab.

I’d give them a try the hours always fly by. Warm friendly people and lots of opportunities to try techniques and media you never imagined you would.”

Lou Chapman

I’ve been going to Phil’s Thursday Art Class for nearly 4 years now. I started because I wanted to regain confidence in my drawing ability and I liked the emphasis and importance Phil gave to mark making.

Phil is always extremely positive and inspiring as are the classes that he runs. He encourages and supports our individual styles and approaches and helps us to develop our own creativity. The feedback sessions at the end of each class are always constructive and supportive.

Over the months and years he has introduced us to a huge range of mediums, techniques and subjects that challenge and stretch us.

Phil also arranges extra curricular activities such as life drawing and art weekends in the Dales and at Staithes. These are always well organised and give us opportunities to try new things in new environments.

I would whole heartedly recommend Phil to anyone needing encouragement and help in the development of their art, whether they are a beginner or a returner or an experienced artist who wants to be challenged and try new things.

Jon Cooper

Below with reference to a demonstration for York Arts Society

Hi Phil
It really was a fab presentation !   If you remember I used to help executives to present when I was working.

It was good because you didn’t try to entertain us and make jokes that may not have worked.
You said lots about what you were thinking about while you were doing it.  There were no awkward moments or boring silences.
What you said was in the moment and not stage managed so we all felt connected to your spontaneous process which felt so free to us all.
You brought lots of new ideas about painting In acrylics to the group and being inspired, I want to try out new mark making, especially using the rag very often and spraying with water which I have never done quite like that.
You were relaxed and totally at ease with yourself all the time.

I think it was the best one I have attended there and everyone around me enjoyed it.  One lady said it is such a relief not to have another “How to paint a field of bluebells”.  Your work is so fresh and unpredictable.

Best of luck with the future.


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