Bottles and glasses (Drawings)



After the looseness of the texture project I set a more structured drawing challenge. I gave out a load of unfinished booze and some wine glasses and the class members set up their own still life arrangement. It was quite tricky to organise as there was a fair level of sharing to be done but seemed to go very smoothly.

I asked people to sketch their composition out and let me have a look before adding too much tone or detail.

We spent 2 weeks on this so you will notice that some of the works have been photographed after week one.

There were plenty of positive comments made about this task even though many would not have chosen to do this.

However simple you imagine a set up to be, they are much more complicated and challenging than you expect. Especially where you have two or more objects to draw comparisons with.

Most people really got into this and appreciated how much there is to be seen in a bottle or glass.

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  • Rod Fletcher

    February 25, 2015 , 9:51 pm

    An exercise I really enjoyed as I felt it demanded accuracy of line and subtlety of tone. I gave up on my week one effort having failed to enlarge it. However, I was pleased with my final effort done at home. I enjoyed seeing the way other people saw the same objects, and the differences in approach.