Abstract workshop with Walton Art Group (Workshops)


This workshop took place over a full day at the Walton Villge Hall near Wetherby.

I had been to do a demonstration 2 weeks earlier so people had an idea of what to do and what to bring as source material. The group used 4 methods to begin working in an abstract manner and also looked at other abstract painters such as Roger Hilton, Ben Nicholson, Sean Scully and others.

The first of these four methods was working from an image brought in. This could be a photo or an image of someone else’s artwork. These were a departure point but also to get ideas about structure and tone. Landscapes were popular and are a good starting point.

The second method was using a still life that I set up in the middle of the hall. This was intended to be a little disorientating but with some structure to use as inspiration.

The third method was to use geometric shapes as tools to begin working with.

The last method was to simply work using marks you had already made. This method encouraged you to be free and loose with media to give a basis to working abstractly.

IMG_9653 IMG_9652 IMG_9651 IMG_9650 IMG_9649 IMG_9648

Materials used were acrylic paint , charcoal , chalk, ink and collage. I tried to keep it fairly simple using a limited palette of black , white and some earth colours.

The group were very keen to try these techniques and have a go at something that was on the whole outside their comfort zone.

All the work from the day is in the gallery below.

There was some excellent work produced and was a thoroughly enjoyable day made better by the enthusiasm and endeavour of the group.

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